Publishing your app to the app store

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To distribute an application on the App Store, you need to have an Apple Developer account. Alternatively, we can publish your app for you to our Developer account.  Your own developer account you will need to pay to join the Apple Developer Program which is an annual fee of $99 USD.

If you don’t already have an Apple Developer account you can subscribe your account here:

This service needs Double Authentification. You have to create your apple developer account from a desktop and not from an Iphone or an Ipad.

Once you’ve completed your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program, you can sign in to App Store Connect with the Apple ID you used to enroll. App Store Connect is where you manage your App Store apps, see your sales reports, manage your App Store Connect users and testers, and more.

For more information about the complete process use the link below:

To distribute an application on the Google Play Store, you need to subscribe a Google Play Developer account. There is a $25 USD one-time registration fee.

If you don’t already have one you can subscribe your account here:

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